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Addison, IL, US.

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Get the Most Out of Your Chimney with Maximum Chimney Services

There are a variety of reasons to have your chimneys professionally cleaned, but safety is always at the top of the list. During the fall and winter season is when your chimney gets the most use. Getting your chimney cleaned by Chicagoland’s Maximum Chimney Services will ensure that there’s no health or safety issues being posed to you and your familly.  

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Maximum Chimney Services

Experts in Chimney Services and Repairs

Maximum Chimney Services is the preferred company to come to for all your chimney needs. Our Fireplace technicians are highly trained and certified to ensure our promise is kept.

Our products and services include Inspections, Fireplace cleanings, Furnace flue cleaning, Dryer exhaust cleaning, Protective Chimney Covers, Fireplace Dampers, Chimney Lining, Crown Coat, Tuck pointing, Chimney Rebuilds, and Masonry Waterproofing. Our purpose is to be of maximum service to our community and customers.

Maximum Chimney Services keeps current with the NFPA’s (National Fire Protection Association) recommendations for your safety. Whether it’s sweeps to rebuilds Maximum Chimney Services will exceed your expectations by far.


Chicagolands Chimney and Fireplace Experts

Your Fireplace 

Creosote is a byproduct of the smoke that builds up in your chimney. An excess of creosote can actually catch fire. Professional chimney cleaning by Maximum Chimney Services will ensure the health and safety of your family.


A clean, clear chimney will allow for more airflow and thus stronger fires. This will warm your house in a more complete way and lower the costs of heating your home.

Carbon Monoxide 

A clean chimney ensures that the flow of a dangerous gas called carbon monoxide is able to escape your home to the outdoors (where it can do no harm to you and your family). Remember, your fireplace represents a significant investment that you’ll want professionals to take care of. 

Our Services


  • Inspections
  • Fireplace Cleanings
  • Furnace Flue Cleaning
  • Dryer Exhaust Cleaning
  • Protective Chimney Covers
  • Fireplace Dampers
  • Liner
  • Crown Coat
  • Tuck Pointing
  • Chimney Rebuilds
  • Waterproofing